Psychiatry Medication Management

We're committed to being here for you always and especially during the current Covid-19 Pandemic.  

We have resumed in office in person appointments.  However, if you have a compromised immune system and your insurance is still allowing video appointments we can make accommodations for you.

Please make arrangements with the office;


Tele-medicine  You will click the link below for your provider, or copy and paste it into a web-browser.   

Please sign in 5 minutes before your appointment.


Dr. Jitendra Desai:

Sarah Rodes, PA-C:   

Jessica Gillispie PA-C

Michelle Whittaker, NP

The links above can only be used for scheduled appointments at the scheduled time.  If you sign in without an appointment, you won't be seen in the queue, it's only for the scheduled time with the scheduled patient.

If you have any questions you may email the practice manager at or call the office

at 540-345-6468.


It makes sense our office is located inside a house in the historic district, because it's more like a home and we welcome you with open arms on your journey to wellness

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